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London Political Summit and Awards 2019- What to Expect 2020

London Political Summit is an annual gathering that brings together politicians, business chiefs, Community leaders, policymakers, heads of government, and academics with the aim of tackling global challenges, looking at possible solutions and recognizing those leaders making a positive impact in addressing some of the challenges we face every day globally.Some of Delegates having a photo taken

“The only motive that can keep politics pure is the motive of doing good for one’s country and its people”.

Henry Ford. 

The paradigm shift in political thought and actions around the world in most recent years has without a doubt resonated the idea that nations should govern themselves, free from external interference, that defies super-globalization and its current burning issues such as; climate change, disarmament, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, terrorism, national security, and sovereignty, which requires the attention of both domestic and national politics. There is a need for international cooperation in addressing these fundamental challenges.

The 2019 summit looked at the broader concepts of transitional political leadership shift, in the very context of emerging young individual leaders, the effect of political inclusion on leadership actions in critical political decision-making in governance. Some of the Participants

That’s why there is a need for such engagements, last years summit was under the theme “Emerging Political Insecurity & Democratic Limitations”.

Over the past decade, we have seen a noticeable increase in young people and women getting involved in politics and running for office from the United States to Europe and Africa. In the African continent new young blood taking overpower.Amb. Baroness Neena Richie, Philanthropist and Enfield Mayor, Her Worshipful Cllr Dr. Kate Anolue

Parliamentary Hosts: Hosts: Rt. Hon. Abimbola Afolami MP. House of Commons  Rt. Hon. Chris Philip MP. Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.  Community Host:  Clir Dr Kate Anolue. The Worshipful Mayor of London Borough of Enfield. R.t Hon Chris Philip MP & Parliamentary Private Secretary hands award to Mr. Limbani Kalilani -Malawi

Special Guest of Honours:  Alok Sharma MP. Secretary of State, for the Department of International Development  Mayor. James Palmer. Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority  Special Guest Keynote Speakers:  Hon. Dr. Pauline Talen. Honourable Minister for Women Affairs.  His Excellency, Engr. Abdullahi A.Sule, FOSHA. Executive Governor of Nasarawa State. NigeriaDelegate pose for a photo

Malawi was represented by Mr. Limbani Kalilani who was nominated as an emerging young politician who transitioned from the music industry as a global star into politics. Dr. Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma, a parliamentarian, and Chair of Defence and International Cooperation who made a tremendous impact in the Malawi Parliament.


The Summit will be held in London on 12th -17th Oct. 2020 as a 3-day summit at multiple venues including House of Parliament.

As policymakers around the world struggle to deal with the new global threats such as coronavirus and its aftermath. Many leaders will have to confront the fact that the global economy does not work as they thought it could. Therefore, Globalization calls for an ever-increasing specialization of labor across the continent, a model that creates extraordinary efficiencies but at the same time extraordinary vulnerabilities. Shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic reveal these vulnerabilities.

The summit will look at the broader concept of Nationalism and globalization and how the world has reacted to global challenges like the recent covid19 pandemic and engages key players in the field on what can be done. They will also be awards in various

Summit Objectives:
  • The summit will consider if, in the prevailing circumstances, nationalism equals patriotism.
  • It will consider if the established democratic mandates are a government of the
  • people by the people and for the people, in many developed and emerging democracies.
  • It will consider in its totality the three species of government, The Republic, Monarchy, and Despotism with reference to a National Identity
  • It will also discuss the objectivity and subjectivity posing problems to an effective social contract fulfilment of a political society
  • It will re-emphasise the myth of globalization, its political economies and the dynamics, for a sustainable balance of power in the fragile world order.
  • It will query the obstacles and forces of a political-will hindering an effective liberal international institutions order decision-making.
  • It will postulate the contextual nature of absolutism, isolationism, and the power to act under critical pressure, for the national interest.

Participants will include Political leaders and top Government officials from around the world. Community leaders from around the world. Political institutions and Non-State London Political Summit
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