You are currently viewing London Political Summit – Pre-Summit-Conference–Malawi Deputy Health Hon Chrissie Kanyasho Represented Malawi

London Political Summit – Pre-Summit-Conference–Malawi Deputy Health Hon Chrissie Kanyasho Represented Malawi

Another great and successful London Political Summit and awards – Pre-Summit-Covid-19, Post-Covid-19 and SDGs Positives. Great participation from the United Kingdom, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria and other countries.

H. E Amb Dr. Josephine Ojiambo

The Pre-Summit 21st July 2020 begun with powerful opening remarks by Chair Ambassador. Dr. Josephine Ojiambo, the former Deputy Sec. Gen. of the Commonwealth of Nations, former Kenya Ambassador to the UN, and the Global Ambassador of London Political Summit. She started her opening speech by welcoming all the special guest speakers, from the UK, Hon. Paul Bristow MP for Peterborough City, from Malawi, the Hon. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Eisenhower Mkaka, Hon. Deputy Minister for Health  Hon. Chrissie KK Kanyasho, and from Nigeria, the Hon. Minister for Women Affairs and Social Development, Dame Pauline Tallen, Hon. Prof. Steve Christian Azakii Hon. Member Federal House of Representative Nigeria, from Kenya are, Hon. Millie Odhiambo Mabona MP, Member of Kenya Parliament,and Ms. Nana Wanjau, the Commonwealth Busness Women Network Africa contact person. She also used the opportunity to congratulate the new government and leadership of the new President of Malawi, and the new cabinet ministers. Amb Ojiambo went further to lay the ground rule for the guest speakers presentations and discussions, focusing on the Pre-Summit theme, “Covid-19, Post-Covid and the SDG Positives. And as the summit chair she ended up the summit with a good summary of the various issues pointed out by the speakers and Discussed. The Pre-Summit program was moderated by Dr. Pauline Long an outstanding media personality and philanthropist in the UK, who took time to coordinate the speakers and participants contributions. 

Hon Paul Bristow MP Peterborough

Hon Paul Bristow MP, Member of Parliament for Peteborough and member House Committee on Health , speaking at the London Political Summit Pre-Summit Zoom Conference  July 2020. In his submission spoke very much about the UK government honest approach on handling the Covid-19 Pandemic , with its challenging factors, the role of the NHS medical team and the facilitating of required equipments, care giving, the palliative schemes for social interventions and then he also talked about the UK cooperation and opportunities with African Countries , of which he made a strong request for many African leaders to be responsible, honest and accountable to the people, in other to gain much from the Post-Covid and Post-Brexit agenda, Paul sees Africa as the new front of popular capitalism, the next point of economic growth in world.

Hon Chrissie K Kanyasho Malawi Deputy Minister of Health

The Hon. Deputy Minister for Health of Malawi, Hon. Chrissie Kanyasho, spoke on the impact of COVID-19 in Malawi, taking recognition that , the new government in power in Malawi is just few weeks in office, in her strong view, she is full of confidence that the government is ready and willing to move the country forward, with its strong mortality rate and social development. There are great efforts in place by the government to consciously manage the Covid-19 fall outs, with cross-border movement. She also spoke on the SDG’s 3 & 6, in relation to Malawi, with the new Health system and facilities been put in place to tackle the Covid-19 crisis and other related health issues.

Hon Millie Odhiambo MP Kenya

Hon. Millie Odhiambo Mabona MP, Member of of Kenya Parliament , also spoke at the London Political Summit Pre-Summit Zoom Conference 2020, where she gave a good presentation on the Covid and socioeconomic issues in Kenya, with the word,  looking at the big four agenda in Nairobi, which are  on, Housing, Food Security, Manufacturing and Health, which are key elements of the Uhuru/Raila government, Which are in pursuance of the SDG elements as the case may be in Kenya. she went on to make the quote, “If we fail  to treat Covid normally, then Covid will treat us abnormally”.

Hon Prof. Steve Azaiki

Then Hon. Prof. Steve Azaiki the Hon. Member of the Nigeria H of Representative and member House Committee on Foreign Affaires, speaking at the summit – made a critical submission on the Situation of leadership, and institutional challenges, he said that the Nigeria constitution is not a true reflection of a true federalism, as it has informed a tribalist politics, domestic exploitation and corruption, he went on to state that the political and policy institutions are very weak and unstable for current challenges, which has the president so powerful and a very strong person. He has advocated for a people oriented constitutional reforms to reflect true federalism and inclusive politics, the the total reform /restructuring of the organs of government , political and socioeconomic institutions.  He missioned his role on the Covid crisis in Nigeria, were he stated that he has moved a motion for a 15B Naria for University institutions research laboratory across Nigeria. The Pre-Summit Zoom conference July 2020, ended on a very good note, with over 50 participants, from across the globe, we had people joining from across Africa, in Europe and the US, which has opened up the wider opportunity for London Political Summit, in terms of outreach and participation.

Mr. Allan Mandindi Executive member LPSA

Commenting on how the meeting went, Mr Allan Mandindi Director Malawi Heritage UK and also an Executive member for the London Political Summit and awards said ” London Political Summit is a great global platform and it was great to have Malawi representation in such international platforms. London Political Summit and awards attracts politicians, policy makers, academics, local players and global tech and business leaders to address global issues and find common solutions to address them. The focus for this Pre – summit was on Covid19 and Sustainable Development Goals Positives and that presents agreat opportunity for Malawi and other nations to share on what they intend to do and see areas where they can be a shared global approach”

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